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How to Get Professional Wedding Makeup on a Budget

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Professional Wedding Makeup on a BudgetPhoto credit: Stephen J Fyfe / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Professional Wedding Makeup on a Budget
Photo credit: Stephen J Fyfe / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


Finding someone to do your wedding makeup on a budget can be a daunting task.  Professional makeup artists charge a lot for weddings.  Usually they charge around $150 for the bride and $100 for each bridesmaid.  If you’re not like me and you can count, you’ve realized the money adds up pretty quickly.  Especially if you have a large bridal party.


You’ll also need to consider the added expense of a trial run.  This is how you will chose who does your makeup.  Different artists quoted me $100 up to $175 just for the trial makeup session.  And believe me, you want to do a trial prior to your wedding.  No matter how highly recommended an artist is, their style may not be what you are looking for.  Better to find out early than on your wedding day.


Here’s how to get your makeup done professionally for around $50.  Head to a makeup store like MAC, Sephora, Bare Escentuals or a makeup counter in your local department store.  Wander around the store or counter quietly studying all the artists own personal makeup.  If you like the way they’ve done their own makeup, hopefully they can recreate a similar, toned down version of their look for you.  The artist whose makeup you like the most if your target.  Approach them and ask if they can do your makeup.  They will usually say yes if the store isn’t too busy or set up a time for you to come back.  Once they do your makeup, you’ve had your trial and then you can decide if you want to use them for your wedding.  Make sure you take their contact info and find out if they will be working on your wedding day.


For my engagement shoot, I got my makeup done at MAC and it looked amazing.  They charge $50 regardless of what type of event the makeup is for.  I’ve heard Sephora charges around $50 as well for a makeup consultation.  Also, many department store makeup counters will do your makeup if you buy some of their products.


Whichever option you choose, be sure to start searching for a makeup artist at the latest 2 months before your wedding.  For such an important part of the wedding, most brides (like me) wait til the last minute to search for one.  Don’t do what I did.  Avoid unnecessary anxiety and plan ahead.  Once you’ve secured your makeup artist, it’ll be one less thing to stress about in the weeks following up to your big day.


Note that this option works best for evening weddings, since most of these stores don’t open til around 10am.  Also, budget at least an hour per face as the artists may have to step away during your session to help customers.


Have you ever tried getting your makeup done this way?  What did you think of the experience and how much was it?  Do you have any tips for getting wedding makeup on a budget?  Please share in the comments below!


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