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Budget Bling – Affordable Bridal Jewelry Under $50

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Wedding jewelry can be beautiful, glamorous, dainty, feminine…the options are endless.  One thing it does not have to be is expensive.  It’s a lot easier to find affordable bridal jewelry that you may realize.


Also, it’s best to keep it simple.  You’ll have so much else going on with your dress, hair and possibly your veil.  So it’s best to choose pieces that give you the bling you want without taking attention away from the rest of you.  Here are some gorgeous options for affordable bridal jewelry priced $50 or less.


Affordable Bridal Jewelry Etsy Bridal Drop Earrings

Bridal Drop Earrings – $43 via Etsy


Etsy Nefertiti Bridal Jewelry Set

Nefertiti Bridal Jewelry Set – $27 via Etsy


Juicy Couture Pave Bangle Bracelet

Juicy Couture Pave Bangle Bracelet$48 via Zappos


Etsy Rose Gold Gatsby Cuff

Gatsby Rhinestone Crystal Bracelet Cuff – $30 via Etsy


Etsy Bridal Jewelry Set $50

Teardrops Bridal Jewelry Set – $50 via Etsy


Etsy Chunky Beaded Necklace

Chunky Pear Beaded Necklace - $27 via Etsy


Vince Camuto Crystal Hoops - Zappos

Vince Camuto Crystal Hoops – $35 via Zappos


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